Shayne and Sandra Young welcome you. 
Thank you for joining us on our Journey. We look forward to sharing it with you and hearing from you. We are open to suggestions as we travel....and we would love to meet up with you if you are close by.

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We Would like to thankMaxTrax for our custom set of Camel Trophy Sandglow  extraction too can get a set of "camel Trax". they added a few sets to the run when they made our special order. They are a limited edition!
Thanks Guys! 

Please join us in our Camel Trophy Defender 110 as we circumnavigate the world with no particular itinerary. Shayne is from Newcastle Australia and has traveled throughout much of the UK, Mexico, The US, and a bit of Europe. Sandra has always had her bags packed and one foot out the door...together we will explore the many places man has left relatively untouched and visit as many of the amazing people we have met and hope to meet along the way. Owning and traveling in a Camel Trophy Defender is a dream come true for Shayne. He is passionate about his Land Rovers and all that they allow one to do. Thanks to "Camilla" we will be able to go anywhere we want.
Our Shake down cruise began on May 15th in Florida and took us to Overland Expo 2012 just outside Flagstaff Arizona. We Enjoyed the Hell out of the Expo with Old friends, and new. We got married at the Expo in the Overland Journal tent on Saturday May 19th. The Wedding party included our new bestest friends, Jeff and Sheila Koscomb from Santa Fe, and the Rover Divas. And walking Sandra down the aisle  were some of the most extraordinary men ever...Team Camel Trophy.  Duncan Barbour gave Sandra away, and Shayne even had a very special ring barer. Our Mini Camel Trophy!! We left The expo in our Camel trophy 110 with Jeff and Sheila in their most excellent Sportsmobile and headed for parts unknown...over Shnebly Hill road to Sedona, camped along the river...and then drove onward to the North Rim and  then Lake Powell. Fine dining and drinks and friendship around the fire ended every extraordinary day of off road, back country driving. We parted ways and headed out for Moab, then on to the snowy mountain passes of Colorado. We saw Longhorn Sheep, Elk, Antelope, Bear, conversed with Marmots, rabbits, Hares and Jays! We fed the ground squirrels and chipmunks from our hands in St. Elmo, and  photographed the Hummingbirds.  We listened to the coyotes at night and woke with the sun each day in our rooftop tent. What a trip...cant wait for the real thing.
Shayne purchased his beloved Camel Trophy Defender 110 late fall of 2011. It was love at first sight. After getting to know her...he named her. Just like her namesake (CPB),  She has a lot of miles on her and has led a hard life, she is unmistakably British, not real pretty to look at, but she is reliable and here to stay. And we call her...Camilla...
You can see his extensive (expensive!) build thread on Expedition Portal under Land Rover Vehicles forum. It was a major rebuild and he had to get very creative. While he made every effort to stay true to her CT heritage, we do have to live out of her for the next two years. The end Result...We believe is the best of both worlds.

Overland Journal was kind enough to let us use their display area at the Overland Expo for our Wedding Ceremony. Even kinder...Their professional photographers and videographers filmed the whole Camel Trophy wedding.  Scott Brady and his Overland Journal crew set out on an arctic expedition straight form the Expo. When we get the video and pics we will share!! We cant wait. Thanks to all  The Overland Journal crew...

The Video Just Arrived!!!! Thanks So much Christian!  click the link below to view our Camel Trophy Wedding.


Shayne Has been posting nearly every night for the last six months on the progress of resurecting and modifying Camilla. He has an extensive build thread on Expedition Portal. Follow the link below. If you want to see all pictures just join the forum. It is a great community. You are sure to make some new friends! 
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